Beginning with RSA breach, continuing with the Target hack and advancing with the past year’s headline news of attacks on Anthem, Sony and TalkTalk, cybersecurity in recent years has become a mainstream discussion topic. And business leaders worldwide have come to accept the grim reality: A destructive breach on their watch could cost them their job.

But it isn’t enough just to be aware of the potential business impact of a breach. Security leaders need to be engaging their boards and line-of-business peers on a regular basis to ensure cybersecurity awareness and controls are current and satisfactory.

Yet, how should security leaders start, sustain and measure the results of this dialogue?

Join this panel of veteran leaders for a frank discussion about advanced threats, defense and managing business risks. Through interactive dialogue, understand how your peers currently are dealing with today’s top advanced threats, and walk away with new insights and ideas for how to better educate, interact with and win support from your board. RSS Syndication

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